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The Pencil
The Pencil
It's a symphony
all of its own,
the lonely scritch-scratch
of stalactite lead
against the crumpled time-stained page.  
It's heard
from every angle
--it can't be ignored--
Particularly when that scritch-scratch
is the loving closure of a letter
or the final signature of Death's contract.
:iconraichlian:Raichlian 1 2
The Tower of Babel by Raichlian The Tower of Babel :iconraichlian:Raichlian 9 4 The Faerie with the Goat's Feet by Raichlian The Faerie with the Goat's Feet :iconraichlian:Raichlian 0 2 Lips Red as Blood by Raichlian Lips Red as Blood :iconraichlian:Raichlian 0 2 Sanctuary (Front View) by Raichlian Sanctuary (Front View) :iconraichlian:Raichlian 1 3
A Little Pair of Shoes
A pair of little boots rests on the mantle,
Collecting dust and sunbeam haze--
Never once worn for any wear.
They are the perfect picture of a perfect creation,
Or rather, what would have been, if it had been.  
A little boy runs through the foyer, past the mantle,
Oblivious to what those two grave markers mean.  
He never notices the fraying laces, the cracking skins,
The moth-eaten tongues lolling from hole-y throats.  
The shadows time uses to cloak the shoes in a shroud
Darken and thicken with each passing day
As memories once vivid slowly fade away.  
The little boy becomes a child, and the child becomes a man—
All expected stages of a happily-welcomed life—
But never will his parents mention to him
The purpose of those little shoes on the mantle,
The reminder to never again
Take the life of a little boy's twin.
:iconraichlian:Raichlian 0 6
The Norms of Insanity
What, exactly, is insanity?
--or more importantly, the essence of it,
Which we all fight to fend off,
Protecting our minds from mystical whimsy.  
If the sun rose in the high of night
And the moon crowned the golden noon,
Would that be insanity? If I said
That my soul was black as a snowy flake
And as pure as a raven's blackened wing,
Would I be insane?  If the world spun west-to-east
And not east-to-west, and the birds perched in trees
Rooted to the sky and flew through a dense green space—
What would become insanity?  The stately line,
The order of time, the sun chasing the moon—
--the sense of status, the authority of power—
The perfection of red satin petals counterbalanced
On a prickly green stem of thorns?  Would its petals bear
A bloodied crown of spines, its stem cloaked
in satin gauze?  If this world was one of insanity,
would I be the one writing this poem?
Or would the poem be writing me?
:iconraichlian:Raichlian 2 4
Our New Kitty by Raichlian Our New Kitty :iconraichlian:Raichlian 3 9


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Blank Character Sheet (Moved to TheBoson!)
Whoops! It looks like the character resource you're looking has moved. Check out the massively updated version [here] for a much better experience!
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by clc1997

At first glance the painting is just a young woman wearing gloves, right? But when you look closer, you can see such detail and skill i...

From a first glance, one can see that this picture is absolutely gorgeous. When one looks closer, they can see that it is delicately we...



Officially a college student now!!!  and PSYCHED jkifreiojkljaklj;orjeopuwjlknkcjajf;sa love my art classes, 3 in all and 2 liberal classes my teachers are AWESOMELY FRIGGIN' EPIC  and I love everything about college omg nfkja;eioruarjkenk;ja;rlkje wjrkj arj


also we might be getting a new cat, still debating though, Missy needs a friend....


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